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Music has always had a way of making itself into my heart and life. My first exposures date back to childhood piano and voice lessons taught by my Mom, a classically trained music instructor. Ill give my Mom a standing ovation for the patience and dedication she expressed in teaching the not-so-patient and dedicated Kayla. Although I was resistant, I am very thankful for my early childhood training, and for the musical seeds that were planted in my mind.

These seeds began to grow during my adolescent years. My escapades included singing for church specials, recording tracks for a camp gymnastics class, entering school talent shows, and making my appearance at family concerts.  But shortly after entering high school, I put my musical life aside. Sadly, music wasn’t the only thing I laid on the shelf during this time. God, my relationship with Him, and many of the treasured things taught me as a child, were also sacrificed while I tried filling myself with the broken cisterns of the world.

Through the prayers of those who cared about me most and miracles of divine providence and grace, God was able to slowly win me back to himself. A deep love for God began to grow, and along with it a burden for ministry and a passion for music.

The years that followed lead me through numerous summers of YouthRush Literature Ministry programs, 2 years at SOULS West, a Seventh-Day Adventist Leadership school, and 10 Weeks spent as a BibleWork intern. Knocking on doors, mentoring young people, working for the local church while immersing myself in my own personal relationship with Christ taught me many valuable lessons. It was during this time that the inspiration for my first album, Onward, really started to develop. The album places an emphasis on faith, enduring trial, resisting temptation and patiently living the Christian life.

I give all glory to God for any ability He has given me to write music. There are many times where I simply just sit and let my pen scribble on the page and my fingers move on the piano, while God writes the song. The reality is, I create songs about faith because I know what its like to doubt, to stumble, to waver and to utterly fall. But, I also create because I know that there is freedom to be had, eternal life to live, a victory that is sure, and a God who’s love and faithfulness to us, outshines it all.


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